Zirconia Implants

Dental implants are the single most effective way to preserve foundational bone in the jaw and restore the function and beauty of your smile. We use state-of-the art technology: pure zirconia implants, which offer a highly biocompatible, metal-free solution that combines excellent function with optimal, natural-looking esthetics. These all-ceramic implants form lasting attachments to both bone and soft tissue when placed with Swiss Surgical Techniques and will keep you smiling (and chewing) for a lifetime.

Implantation is a two-part process: first, implants are carefully placed to optimize bone healing, then, after the implant integrates with your bone and gums, a permanent tooth replacement is attached.

In short, we replace teeth with implants that work for and with your body. And the results are synergistic and sustainable.

Whether it is just one tooth being replaced or several implants recreating a firm set of teeth—the material needs to function stably, neutrally and compatibly over a period of decades. The high-performance ceramic zirconia, long used in orthopaedics for artificial hip joints, fulfills these requirements like no other material(32). Zirconia ceramic is a white, metal-free, immunologically neutral and biocompatible material, which offers many advantages over metal(33). Whether it is an intolerance to titanium or general uneasiness about the prospect of having metal in your body that prompts the use of a metal-free solution— the esthetically-pleasing white ceramic implants made of the biocompatible, high-performance material zirconia are always an excellent choice and according to current studies are classified as equivalent to titanium implants(34–49).1


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SDS Ceramic Implant Series



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