We strive to make optimal dental care as efficient and convenient for you as possible, so we’re excited to now offer teledentistry consultations. Our dentists and hygienists are available to book for videoconference appointments to discuss the health and appearance of your smile so you can receive answers to your dental questions and concerns anywhere, not just in our office. Virtual visits about pressing issues can help determine if an office visit is necessary or if they can be treated at home, keeping you, our other patients, and our staff as safe as possible from the spread of COVID-19. With a teledentistry consultation ahead of time, your time in the dental chair can be spent executing your treatment instead of planning it.

One of our dentists or hygienists will discuss your dental questions, concerns, and desires with you in a video call to strategize the treatment plan for your healthiest, most beautiful smile.

We use teledentistry to help you achieve your best smile while reducing the amount of time you spend in our office.


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