Swiss Surgical Technique

in Seattle

The human body has amazing healing mechanisms, and by optimizing conditions for them to function, healing from a surgical procedure will be more effective and more comfortable than ever before. Based on the Swiss BioHealth Concept™, our approach to surgery includes quality nutrition and healthy lifestyle pre-procedure, collaboration with your other health providers, and specific procedural steps and materials such as platelet-rich fibrin application, ozone therapy, and non-metal zirconia implants. The goal of any surgery is to place the body in a position where it can heal itself; we take extra steps to ensure the body can do exactly that, facilitating unprecedented healing and further reducing any complications.

From pre-procedure analysis to final healing, our dental team will develop a plan integrating advantageous nutrition and health habits, precise surgical technique, biocompatible materials, and post-surgery directives for favorable healing that will maximize your health sustainability.

In short, we maximize your body’s native healing potential to minimize the impact of surgery on your life. And the results are spectacular.

In very simple terms, the objectives of THE SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT can be defined as partnering with immunology; working in a radical but stress-free (atraumatic) way from an early stage, in a preventive and minimally invasive manner which avoids swelling and pain; reaching the goal in as few sessions as possible to minimize the time the patient is out of action; using as few foreign materials as possible and - if any are required - keeping them as biologically compatible as possible, AND keeping the patient in a parasympathetic state throughout the therapy to the greatest extent possible.1


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Swiss Biohealth Concept 2019

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