Sedation Dentistry

in Seattle

Sedation dentistry paves the road to extraordinary healthcare for anxious humans. Using varied methods, sedation increases freedom from fear, allowing patients to safely undergo meticulous or lengthy procedures with minimal stress. Good candidates include people with a prior bad experience, severe gagging, difficulty getting numb, a dislike of sitting still, a very busy schedule or any level of dental anxiety.

Together we determine a sedation strategy to achieve optimum comfort during the care of your choice; then using laughing-gas, oral medication or an IV, we walk (or snooze) you through the procedure and send you home healthy and happy. Forgetting dental fear: your biggest concern is the velfie.

In short, you get daydream results without a nightmare experience and it’s amazing.

The main objective… is to identify the safest and most effective sedative drugs so as to ensure successful sedation with as few complications as possible. 1


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