Safe Mercury Removal

in Seattle

At Integrative Dentistry, we go above and beyond the standards of dentistry to protect our patients, ourselves, and our external environment. Many of today’s dentists provide treatments to remove mercury fillings from the mouth. However, most don’t take the extra steps needed to ensure the safety and long-term well-being of all involved in the process. As your Seattle mercury-free dentist, Dr. Marder and our team take utmost care in protecting you, and everyone else in our office, during our safe mercury removal procedure.

We fundamentally believe everyone should have their amalgam fillings removed. Amalgam fillings are composed of 50% mercury, a known neurotoxin that dissipates through our lifetime. If we inhale or swallow it, it affects our nervous system and can negatively impact our systemic health. Mercury really has no place in the body— and if we believe that, then we know extra precautions are required before, during, and after removing the mercury fillings and replacing with non-metal restorations.

For these very reasons, Dr. Marder has developed a highly effective safe mercury removal protocol, specifically designed for patients concerned about the health effects of traditional amalgam fillings. Prior to treatment, Dr. Marder may recommend steps such as toxicity testing, supplementation, dietary changes, exercise, massage, and homeopathic supplementation. For these extra precautionary measures, Dr. Marder often collaborates with a naturopathic doctor or nutritionist to ensure your individual recommendations match your individual physiology and personal health status.

During the procedure itself, numerous protective measures are taken to limit exposure from the loosened mercury. This may include the use of rubber dams, absorbent agents, coolants, vacuum systems, and room filters, as well as taking additional protective steps to shield you and our team. Once your filling has been removed, we follow all safety and bio-hazard protocols, such as mercury collection units, to ensure we are also doing our due diligence in keeping our environment safe.

It is our job to make sure your filling is replaced with the safest replacement materials available. We offer compatibility testing to ensure the materials being used in your new restoration will not likely cause any sensitivities or allergic reactions. To encourage the release of any remaining circulatory mercury, Dr. Marder may suggest additional detoxification measures including supplementation, lymph drainage, dietary changes, and homeopathy. Again, these recommendations will be based on your personal biological needs.

Our passion for holistic care makes Integrative Dentistry the leading choice for the safe removal of mercury in Seattle. As a mercury-free dentist, Dr. Marder has the extensive training, experience, passion, and concern needed to deliver a safe and gentle experience for our patients, team, and environment. For dentistry that is not only mercury-free, but also mercury-safe, we urge you to contact our team at Integrated Dentistry to schedule the removal of your amalgam fillings today.

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