Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin

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Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) is a fully autologous 100% natural blood concentrate obtained via simplified low-speed centrifugation that accelerates wound healing, enhances tissue regeneration, eliminates infections, and reduces pain and swelling following dental surgery. PRF is part of a new holistic surgical protocol that utilizes your body’s own natural healing capacity to improve recovery from appointments involving dental extractions and implant placements.

On the day of your surgery, pure blood drawn from your arm is lightly centrifuged and then placed into areas where we want to idealize your natural healing process without any foreign body reaction.

In a word, we use your own blood components to heal you. And the results are phenomenal.

Peripheral blood is collected from the patient in specific tubes and immediately processed by one step centrifugation. This process activates the coagulation cascade and leads to three-dimensional fibrin clot formation. After centrifugation, the blood is separated into a red cell fraction and the PRF clot, which has to be gently isolated. The clot body as a fibrin network is enriched with platelets and concentrated with a variety of leukocytes, which physiologically exist within the peripheral blood.1


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