Ozone Therapy

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Ozone (O3), is a short-lived natural gaseous molecule made of three oxygen atoms, created in nature by the interaction of solar energy or lightning with atmospheric oxygen. The clean, crisp scent of natural ozone often foretells the season’s first rain. Mixtures of oxygen and ozone introduced to living systems create a therapeutic transient oxidative burst that naturally kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts, and parasites; produces antioxidants; stimulates blood flow; enhances immunity; and accelerates healing.

Various forms of ozonated water, ozonated oil, and oxygen/ozone gas are applied directly to diseased gums or decayed teeth in order to safely treat, arrest, and eliminate all types of infections without the use of pharmaceutical drugs or their associated side effects.

In a word, we use energized oxygen to cure infections. And the results are incredible.

Ozone therapy is a powerful treatment modality offering considerable benefits applicable to a wide range of conditions with the ability to penetrate intraoral hard and soft tissues. A simple gaseous molecule like ozone (produced naturally in vivo) can have superior therapeutic effects over ordinary drugs. Twenty years of research concerning the antimicrobial efficacy of O3 has conclusively shown the ability of this agent in both gaseous and aqueous solution to exterminate a wide range of bacteria, spores and viruses. Ozone deserves a place in the management of health and disease. 2


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