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The Problem – 3 out of 4 children have crooked teeth

Various studies have shown that 75% of the children nowadays have crooked teeth. This is a very high number, and the problem is severe. What is worse is that, before now, the only solution to crooked teeth were the orthodontic braces. But this is hardly a solution because:

  • Braces are invasive and, very often, painful
  • Braces make a child feel self-conscious
  • Braces can lead to other dental problems, such as cavities
  • Braces can also lead to eating disorders
  • Braces may not represent a permanent solution – the teeth can get crooked again

Considering these facts, many parents have asked themselves why should they put their child through such an ordeal when, in fact, the results may not be what they expected. But this was the standard procedure for many years, and no other solution was available.

The Challenge – Treat the cause, not the effect

The problem with braces is that they aim at correcting the teeth, but they have no effect on the cause that made the teeth crooked in the first place. For many years, people have believed that crooked teeth are genetic. But this may not be true at all. In fact, recent studies have proved that misaligned teeth are the result of bad oral habits in most of the cases.

So, as with any other problem, in order to resolve it and to prevent it from emerging again, you have to treat the cause, and not the effects. This is how Myobrace was born.

The Solution – Myobrace

Myobrace is a non-invasive orthodontic pediatric system that focuses on resolving the poor myofunctional habits. It aims at treating the cause of crooked teeth to resolve the effect and prevent a child’s teeth from getting misaligned again after some time.

Myobrace is composed of two main elements:

ð A series of REMOVABLE appliances that the child needs to wear only for 1-2 hours during the day and the whole time at night

ð A complimentary manual designed to allow the jaws to develop correctly to a series of dedicated breathing exercises

Through Myobrace, your child can learn the correct myofunctional habits so that their teeth are not only corrected in a safe & non-invasive way, but also prevented from shifting again because of poor oral habits.

The Advantages of Myobrace

  • Natural, safe & non-invasive treatment for misaligned teeth
  • Removable appliances
  • Treats the root cause of the problem
  • Doesn’t make your child feel self-conscious
  • Is gentle on the teeth
  • Improves your child’s speech
  • Improves your child’s sleep

This revolutionary system is being used in over 100 countries worldwide. Find out if your child is a candidate for Myobrace. Schedule an appointment and let us decide together upon the best way to treat your child’s teeth.

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