Mercury BPA-Free Fillings

in Seattle

At Integrative Dentistry, we pay close attention to ensure the treatments we offer and the materials used stay in tune with our biological philosophy. This means we limit the amount of metal dentistry used and place extra emphasis on being a mercury-free practice. As a mercury-free dentist in Seattle, our doctors choose porcelain and composite resin materials whenever we can to fill a cavity or fix a broken tooth. This means you’re protecting your overall health while we’re treating your dental needs.

The issue of mercury toxicity from amalgam fillings has remained a controversial topic for many years. Dental amalgam is composed of approximately 50% mercury, the rest being made up of silver, tin, copper, and zinc. If you have any amalgam fillings in your mouth, small amounts of mercury vapor are constantly being released. The mercury release dramatically increases as you chew food, drink hot or cold beverages, and grind your teeth. Mercury vapor can be inhaled into your lungs and enter your blood by attaching to hemoglobin in the red blood cell.

However, our concern with amalgam fillings does not stop with the mercury. Metals in the mouth create electrical currents which disrupt the meridian flow of energy through your body. As a result, metals are released from the surface of these fillings, resulting in microscopic particles that may enter our intestines and be absorbed through the intestinal lining and into the bloodstream.

As bio-compatible materials, ceramic and composite resins are better restorations for a great number of reasons:

  • Ceramic and composite resins bond directly to your natural tooth structure to provide long-lasting protection that may actually strengthen your tooth
  • Ceramic and composite materials do not respond to temperature changes
  • Ceramics and composites don’t create the electrical currents that metals do
  • Both ceramics and composite resins can be color-matched to your natural teeth, offering you a beautiful and discreet restoration without compromising your overall health.

At Integrative Dentistry, our goal is to practice effective, long-lasting dental treatments which consider every aspect of your physiology. For a safer, natural approach towards your oral health, request your appointment with our holistic and mercury-free dentists in Seattle, today!

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