Metal-Free Dental Implants

in Seattle

Dental implants have been used in restorative dentistry for decades and have quickly become the gold standard in tooth replacement. Patients and doctors alike often choose dental implants for tooth replacement due to both their aesthetic appearance, as well as the unique benefits they provide in both health and function. Traditionally, these restorations are fabricated of dental-grade titanium, but now we’re excited to offer a non-metal alternative in dental implants Seattle. Dr. Marder has the ability to replace missing teeth while staying in line with our holistic and biological values—by offering our patients non-metal zirconia implants!

Zirconia dental implants, by Z-Systems, make it possible for Dr. Marder to create fixed tooth replacements without placing any titanium or other metal in the mouth. It has been estimated that 4% of Americans are sensitive to titanium, causing negative biochemical disturbances and allergic reactions. Zirconia implants are composed of zirconium, a naturally occurring material which is easily accepted and non-toxic to the body. And as one of the strongest naturally occurring materials available, zirconia implants are a beautiful, durable, natural choice in tooth replacement.

There are two phases to dental implant treatment. During the first phase, Dr. Marder will place the implant directly into the jawbone through a simple surgery and the site will be left to heal. During healing, the bone and implant integrate, creating a sturdy foundation for your replacement tooth or teeth. This begins the second phase of treatment, where Dr. Marder will custom design and secure a zirconia crown, bridge, or denture to the implant post.

Choosing Dr. Marder to place your zirconia implants means you get the benefits of receiving all aspects of treatment in one place, by the same doctor. You can feel confident that only the most natural methods, high-end equipment, and bio-compatible materials are being used every step of the way. Also, because tooth replacement has both functional and cosmetic aspects, Dr. Marder’s ability to complete both phases of treatment ensures you’ll get the most natural results from start to finish.

At Integrative Dentistry, we take pride in our ability to combine the concepts of holistic and natural dentistry with more conventional treatments such as dental implants, for our Seattle area patients. To learn more about this exciting option, or to schedule your consultation with Dr. Marder, we invite you to call our practice today.

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