Dental Anxiety Clearing

No medication or sedation necessary for a comfortable and anxiety free dental experience. Using muscle testing for individualized recognition of energetic and emotional blocks, established beliefs and past traumas, various “unblocking” modalities are used chair side, during a procedure, or over the phone to prep a patient for dental procedures or guide them through a procedure. The effects of this work are immediate and lasting, making for positive and successful dental experiences.

A patient’s specific emotional and energetic blocks associated with their dental anxiety are found through muscle testing and cleared/unblocked using a variety of energetic clearing modalities, resulting in an immediate, lasting and medication free relief of mild to extreme dental phobia.

In short, you get medication free, individualized, immediate and lasting relief of dental phobias.

The main objective… is to identify and clear energetic blocks related to emotions, beliefs, and events for an individual, to ensure successful dental care with as little fear and anxiety as possible.
EFT Tapping points
The Emotion Code Chart


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