Children's Dentistry

in Seattle

The right attitude towards health care can mean a lifetime of healthy smiles for a child. More parents are becoming aware of the many benefits a natural approach toward oral health care can offer, but finding a holistic children’s dentist in Seattle can be a difficult task. Because we know good dental care from a young age can make all the difference in how healthy your child’s teeth remain as an adult, we’re pleased to provide a calm and enjoyable environment where children can benefit from natural dentistry.

Our children’s dental care is different from what you’ll find at your typical pediatric dentist. Our interests lie in the relationship between oral health and the rest of your child’s body. This is an approach that encompasses their entire well-being, we seek to use safer treatment options and understand their effects on the child’s system as a whole. We will never provide fluoride to your child, nor will we place sealants or take x-rays without you knowing about it. Your child’s positive experience at the dental office, allowing them a lifetime of “free from fear” dental experiences is one of our greatest considerations. We will not force a child beyond their capacity. Our hope is to treat every patient with the utmost respect.

Holistic treatment for our children patients emphasizes:

  • Preventive care
  • Cranial and jaw development
  • Airway health and oxygen sufficiency
  • Nutrition
  • BPA-free products, our sealants are safe and we won’t apply them without your approval
  • Metal and mercury-free materials
  • We are a fluoride-free practice

Dr. Marder and our team enjoy making the first dental experience fun for every child. We recommend children begin visiting our practice between 2 1/2 and 3 years of age. Often, first visits are centered on helping your child become familiar with our practice. These visits can be as simple as a show-tell-do or a “ride” in the dental chair. Our hope is to instill a good attitude toward future dental visits and provide excellent at-home health practices they can carry with them into adulthood.

Help your child create a healthy routine for a future bright with smiles. If you are looking for a holistic children’s dentist in the Seattle area, we invite you to call Integrative Dentistry today to request your appointment with Dr. Marder.

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