Can I request appointments on your website, or do I need to call?

You can schedule an appointment via this link for a time that’s most convenient for you, or give us a call at 206-367-6453. Many people prefer to schedule appointments online since it lets you choose what works for you at your own leisure and our site allows you to see all of our available appointments!

Should I arrive early for my first appointment?

If you have not filled out your new patient paperwork online, please arrive 15 minutes early to your appointment so we can have you fill them out in the office. Otherwise, no more than 5 minutes early to your appointment should be enough.

Should I bring anything to my appointment?

If you have any insurance that you would like us to courtesy bill for your reimbursement, please bring your dental card with you. Also have handy any past x-rays or information that may help during your initial appointment if you have not sent it via email already.

How long will my appointment be?

Your initial exam with the doctor will be about an hour and a half, and if you have a cleaning scheduled with that, that would be about another hour of your time.

Does your office accept insurance?

We are out-of-network with all insurances, but we do bill insurances that accept claims from non-contracted dentists so we can get you reimbursed by them.

Are you in-network with my insurance?

Since we are not contracted with any insurance, we would be out-of-network with all plans. This does change the structure of how they reimburse sometimes. For more information, we suggest calling your insurance directly to determine what your benefits would look like ahead of time.

Does your office see children?

While we are not a pediatric dentist, we do happily see children. While we especially want to provide care for your family in one location, some children, however, need a little extra something that pediatric dentists are best suited to provide, since their offices tend to look a little more inviting to the younglings. Our goal is to make sure that everyone loves going to the dentist, so if we feel your child would otherwise benefit from another dentist, we may recommend that to you.

What are your office hours of operation?

We are open Monday through Thursday from 7 AM to 4 PM. To see our current availability, book online with us or call us at 206-367-6453.

What is your process of removing amalgam/mercury/silver fillings safely?

All of our providers use the SMART protocol. When your doctor first treatment plans your amalgam removal, they will recommend getting in contact with your naturopath to formulate a detoxification plan.

Does your office accept insurance?

Our office does accept insurance. We are out-of-network with all insurances, but we do bill insurances that accept claims from non-contracted dentists. We collect for all services performed on that day, and the insurance is asked to reimburse you back directly - which insurances tend to do when billed by an out-of-network provider.

Are you in-network with my insurance?

Since we are not contracted with any insurance, we would be out-of-network with all plans. This does change the structure of how they reimburse sometimes. For more information, we suggest calling your insurance directly to determine what your benefits would look like ahead of time.

What are the costs of the services you offer?

A comprehensive examination is $285. This appointment is typically an hour and a half, and any x-rays that are needed during this exam are taken at no additional charge to you.
Cleanings start at $175, and are usually about an hour. Patients with gingivitis or periodontal disease can expect a higher cost if a deeper cleaning is needed. Your hygienist will inform you after they evaluate you on your first visit with them. For treatment, costs can vary depending on what is needed. Your doctor, their assistant, and our treatment coordinator will work together to give you a treatment plan that is curated specifically to what you need.

I was diagnosed with quite a bit of dental work by another office. I wanted to get a second opinion and see about holistic options. Could I get a quote from your office on what I need done?

Absolutely! You can send us a copy of your treatment plan to info@integrativedentistry.com, or give us the codes they gave you over the phone and we can tell you the cost of the equivalent in our office. Bear in mind that unless we see you for an exam first, we cannot say that the quoted costs are final, as we have not evaluated you ourselves yet.

What is your office policy on taking new x-rays? Do I have to do new x-rays on my first exam? Can I use x-rays taken from my previous office?

In general, we don’t want to take x-rays when they are not necessary. We’d prefer to not subject patients to needless radiation. If you have x-rays from a previous dental office, you can request to have them sent to our email - info@integrativedentistry.com. We actually prefer them! In the event that the doctor needs to diagnose something that they see, or can’t see, they may request we take new x-rays at your appointment. Take heart in that our x-ray machines are all digital, and that means a considerably less amount of radiation than older machines. In fact, there’s more radiation involved in your daily activities, such as eating, going outdoors, or even breathing, than a single x-ray in our office.

What material does your office use for cavity fillings?

Our office uses composite materials to fill cavities. The material is BPA free. We use some of the most popular brands in holistic dentistry, including Gradio SO, Admira Fusion, and Empress.

Does your office remove amalgam/mercury/metal/silver fillings?

We do! And the only cost to you is the replacement filling or crown.

How does your office remove amalgam fillings?

All of our providers use the SMART protocol to safely remove these fillings. When your doctor first treatment plans your amalgam removal, they will recommend getting in contact with your naturopath to formulate a detoxification plan.

I was recommended to have a root canal or an extraction. What services can you offer to help me save my tooth?

We can definitely recommend time and supportive measures available within our toolkits to help prolong needing any of these procedures for a few weeks and re-evaluate your need for them afterwards. If there is any pain or swelling, that also factors into what can be done. The first step is an exam to evaluate what options are available to you.

I’m looking for a dentist or oral surgeon that can remove a root canal. Does your office provide this service? I have heard root canals are bad. I have a couple and am concerned. What do you do about them? Some of the dentists here say they do root canals with bioceramic materials. Is that good?

If a root canal treated tooth becomes infected, or no longer viable, we can extract the tooth in our office. We do feel that most of the time, root canals are not the best option for some people. The alternative is to extract the tooth, and either place an implant or bridge.

Does your office perform extractions, implants, and implant crowns?

We do! After an evaluation with one of our doctors, we can determine your candidacy for implants, and we can most of the time perform the whole process within our office. From the date of your extraction, there is typically about a 6 month healing time before the implant, and another 6 months until it has integrated fully so that you are ready for the crown. Time can vary per person, of course. We use zirconia implants in our office, which can be a great alternative to root canal therapy. Our crowns are also metal-free!

Does your office do crowns and bridges? What about CEREC, or same day crowns?

Our doctors do place crowns and bridges, and our office is CEREC ready as well. They are all ceramic, metal-free crowns. Check with your doctor to see what is a right fit for you.

At what age would you recommend a Myobrace for children, if necessary? What services do you offer for Myobrace?

We evaluate the airway and breathing of all patients, regardless of age, with special attention to the preventative options like Myobrace. If the fit is right, Myobrace can be a great early option for compliant children to form better habits, and potentially avoid much costlier orthodontia later on in life.

Does your office perform lip or tongue tie releases, also known as frenectomies?

Yes, if it is determined that you or your child need to have a lip or tongue tie release, we can perform the procedure in our office.

Does your office see and treat children?

While we are not a pedodontist, our office does try to keep care for your family in one place. If you have any children that you would also like to establish within our office, we would be more than happy to see them! Our goal, however, is to make sure that your child’s dental experience is a pleasant one, and while we always strive to make sure that is the case in our office, pedodontic offices tend to be more suitably equipped for children.

At what age should I start taking my child to see the dentist?

We recommend that children see a dentist as early as 6 months, and no later than one year - the typical time that baby teeth start coming in, and the health of the teeth can be examined.

I’m experiencing TMJ/TMD issues. My jaw pops, clicks, and/or moves to the side a bit when I open my mouth fully. Sometimes, I cannot open my mouth as far as would be considered “normal”. Do you see and treat people with these problems?

We can evaluate the condition. As far as treatment for TMJ, we typically refer to Dr. Jason Pehling, a TMD specialist.

I have constant bad breath, but I brush my teeth regularly. What can I do to help this embarrassing problem?

We highly recommend you make an appointment to come in to evaluate this with your doctor. Bad breath tends to be the symptom of an underlying problem and would require professional care. The source of the problem could only be determined by a doctor, and they will come up with the proper care to help alleviate the problem.

I am looking to have a teeth cleaning that also features use of “air flow therapy/air slurry polishing”. Do you offer this service?

We are happy to announce that we do have an air polishing machine in our office! Request it when scheduling your first cleaning and we can make sure we schedule you appropriately.

I think or I’ve been told I have periodontal gum disease. Is there anything I can do to treat this naturally at home?

Gum disease is a serious issue, and unfortunately even with the best at home care and hygiene regimen, it cannot be treated without a professional’s attention, as they have the tools to go under the gumline and clean out the bacteria that progresses the disease. Patients with periodontal disease should see their doctor and hygienist at least 3 to 4 times a year to maintain their oral health.

I’m looking to get my teeth straightened. Do you offer anything in your office for orthodontic care?

Our office does offer Invisalign to patients. Invisalign is a clear, metal-free alternative to braces that can help you achieve the smile you’ve been waiting for. Schedule a consultation with one of our doctors today to see if Invisalign is right for you!

Does your office test saliva to determine what bacteria are in my mouth?

We do! It’s called an Oral DNA test. If your oral biome is extremely active, and difficult to manage, we can send in a sample to determine what bacteria may be present and how to best manage it.

How often should I change my toothbrush / toothbrush head?

It is recommended that you change your toothbrush or electric toothbrush head every 3 months. Research shows that new toothbrushes remove more plaque than a worn out one. Over time, your brush also can become more prone to bacterial or fungal growth.

I am a sugar addict, and trying to stay away from sugar is a difficult task. Are there any foods that can help me stop the craving or substitute my sugar intake?

There are two agents that are capable of tricking the set-point system:
- A few tablespoons of UNFLAVORED oil (such as extra light olive oil) swallowed a few times a day between meals gives the body some calories, but doesn’t trip the signal to stop up on more.
- Several ounces of sugar water (granulated fructose) produces the same effect. Sweetness does not seem to act as a flavor in the body’s caloric signaling system.
The result is being far less hungry. This regimen seems to satisfy a set of requirements that many commercial diets do not.

My child is irritable and does not sleep through the night from their teething. Is there anything we can do to accelerate the process?

Unfortunately, there is no way to quicken the teething process. The best thing to help your child through this frustrating time is to use an approved teething ring, or feed them healthy things like cold fruit to soothe the aches.

I was a patient in your office while living in/near Seattle, but have since moved away. Is there any holistic dentist you would recommend in my area?

We are sad to see you go, but hope for the best on your new adventure in life. The best thing to find a new dentist in our area that likely shares the same holistic values as we do is to use the Dentist Finder on https://IAOMT.org. There you can see the nearest dentists that follow the same protocols our office does, and keep up with your oral care!