Our Values

Speak the truth.
Be transparent.
Keep my word.
Radical honesty: give it, take it, get past it.

Accept myself.
Reveal myself.
Be myself.
Harmony of thought and word and deed.

Conquer my fears.
Trust my instincts.
Have fierce conversations.
Don’t run away from challenges. Run over them.

Keep going.
Fail forward.
The word can’t is a lie.
Little strokes fell great oaks.
The biggest problem is thinking I shouldn’t have problems.

Good is the enemy of great.
Practice into perfection.
Better has no finish line.
The only sin is mediocrity.

Defy my limits.
Have hard days.
Walk with giants.
When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.

Seek the truth.
Read the research.
Diminish ignorance.
When I know better, I do better.

Measure twice.
Expect curveballs.
Overcome the obstacle before the obstacle.
Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare today.

Be an original.
Cut a new path.
Change the game.
The world is changed by people crazy enough to think they can.

Be the thermostat.
I get what I deserve.
Put down the shovel.
The grass is green where I water it.
(Don’t water the weeds.)

Be someone worth following.
I get what I tolerate.
Start with Why.
My people are winning, growing, and being heard.

Do more with less.
Do it right the first time.
Don't step over dollars for pennies.
Work expands to fill the resources allotted for its completion.

Keep it simple.
Make it effortless.
Progress by subtraction.
Get what I want by getting rid of what I don't.

See the silver linings.
Count my blessings.
Appreciate aloud.
Enough is a feast.
I may spoil what I have by desiring what I have not.

Anchors up.
Be the sunshine.
Collect moments.
I only live once. Done right, once is enough.

Have fun.
Never grow up.
Laugh out loud.
I am most comical when I take myself too seriously.

Give joy.
People first.
Assume the best.
Do unto others as they would have me do unto them.

Be interested in others.
Meet people where they are.
Service the relationship first.
They remember 8% of what I say, and 100% of how I make them feel.

Listening is loving.
Talk when the ear is ready.
Disagree without being disagreeable.
Speak only if it improves upon the silence.

Make a difference.
Seek how to serve.
It is in giving that I receive.
Judge each day not by what I reap, but by what I sow.

Get permission.
Nothing is trivial.
Frame the experience.
Delight unexpectedly.
Give them what they won’t get anywhere else.

Less me, more we.
I rise by lifting others.
Many hands make light work.
To go fast, I go alone. To go far, we go together.

Love myself enough.
Health is the first wealth.
Prevention is the best medicine.
Inspect all things which enter my body, my mind, and my heart.

Name the feeling.
Meet the moment.
Cherish mistakes.
This too will pass.
I improve the world around me when I improve the world within me.
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