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Consistent with the holistic care and biologic safety of our treatments, at Integrative Dentistry, we advocate for our environment by working in a setting designed to respect and conserve our earth’s natural resources. Our office was designed to represent an eco-friendly environment consistent with our healthy approach! This means our leading Holistic Dentist in Seattle also takes seriously the biological/environmental safety of every treatment, every material, the daily practices, as well as the office itself.

Newly remodeled, our ultra-modern facility is located in the Northgate area of Seattle. Many materials used in construction were influenced by the LEED certification system and Environmental Home Store in Seattle (now closed) to foster a “green” environment and provide chemically/environmentally-sensitive patients a reaction-free experience. We have been told by many chronic fatigue and chemically sensitive (MCS) patients that the place smells clean and they experience no reactions when coming to our office. We ask that all who enter our office refrain from wearing any fragrances out of respect for those more sensitive people.

A tremendous amount of thought went into the details of our office to inspire a healthful and harmonious patient environment. Elements such as soothing live plants, full spectrum lighting, low VOC paints, eco-friendly bamboo flooring, non-outgassing linseed coatings, and top-of-the-line air and water filtration systems, add an ambiance of refreshment and relaxation to the healthful space we have created for you, our patients. Materials used to support our environmental build out include but are not limited to:

The treatments, materials, and technologies used in our build-out were hand-selected to fulfill our desire to give you the safest, environmentally friendly, highest quality, best bio-compatible dental care available. We are also proud to feature the following “cutting edge” technologies:

  • Picasso Soft-tissue Laser Therapy- This laser works by delivering energy in the form of light and heat. In dental procedures, it acts as a cutting instrument and vaporizer. The Picasso laser minimizes bleeding during treatment by aiding in the coagulation of exposed blood vessels. In addition, dental procedures such as gum contouring, periodontal cleaning, and cold sore (herpes) treatment become quite comfortable for our patients.

  • TekScan and BioPak TMJ Equipment- These cutting-edge technologies allow us to evaluate and adjust your TMJ and craniofacial muscles at a comprehensive level. By using this equipment to take scientific recordings of your TMJ bite, head, and neck, we can effectively diagnose and treat headaches, muscle fatigue, and other symptoms caused by TMJ and craniofacial imbalances.

  • Ozone Water and Ozone Gas- Ozone is a great adjunct to several treatments. It is highly powerful in killing germs. It can be delivered in trays or as a gas to treat tooth decay, prevent periodontal infection, in root canal treatment, head/neck/sinus stuffiness or infection, and more. The use of medical ozone is popular world-wide and has many applications for treatment.

  • Infrared Laser- All light has an effect on the cells of the human body, determined by the wavelengths of the light applied. Our infrared laser produces a beam of light with a specific wavelength and frequency. When the light is applied around body tissue, electromagnetic energy is converted to chemical energy within each cell. This sets in motion a chain of chemical reactions that encourage the natural healing of muscles to begin. The infrared laser is used on sore muscles, sensitive teeth, and sensitive gums.

  • Digital X-Rays- Digital x-rays use a sensor in place of film. That sensor is connected to a computer, making the image immediately visible on the screen. Because the sensor is so sensitive, a minimal amount of radiation is needed to see the picture, meaning less radiation exposure to you. Also, no dangerous chemicals are needed to develop digital x-rays, making them more biologically and environmentally friendly.

  • 3-D Galileos Cone Beam X-Ray unit – Allows us to image the whole skull and assess airway, sinus, nose, teeth, and jaws in three dimensions. The medical profession is moving from two dimensional x-rays to three dimensional imaging, making medical imaging much more accurate. We are proud to be on this cutting edge.

  • Intra-Oral Cameras- Intra-oral cameras are a tool we use to record videos and take still snapshots of your mouth. This provides us with a way to visually communicate your oral condition to you. We know it is much easier to understand what is happening with your health if you can see the problem for yourself, firsthand.

  • CEREC same-day crown- Our CEREC system by Sirona is a state-of-the-art CAD technology that allows us to design and fabricate bio-compatible custom crowns and onlays right here in our office. Rather than wait weeks for your restoration to arrive, CEREC gives us the ability to repair your damaged tooth in a single appointment.

As a holistic and naturopathic dentist in Seattle, our team strives to maintain a beautiful, soothing, and relaxing environment for our patients. We invite you to see and feel for yourself, the true differences today. Request your appointment with Integrative Dentistry.

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