Perio Protect Trays

Perio Protect is a treatment method combining mechanical and chemical removal of disease causing plaque and bacteria. Hydrogen peroxide gel is placed into periodontal pockets via the prescription Perio Tray as an adjunctive aid to help manage biofilms for patients with gingivitis or periodontal diseases.

Impressions are taken of your mouth and are shipped to the Perio Protect lab to fabricate your custom trays. When your trays are delivered you receive the prescription gel, Perio Gel, and specific personalized instructions for use at home.

In short, customized trays deliver a hydrogen peroxide gel to diseased gum tissue to restore a healthy biofilm.

By treating gum disease in this non-invasive way, you can clear up infections that cause bleeding of the gums. This is important because bleeding gums can become a conduit for pathogens to enter your bloodstream and lead to larger issues like heart disease, diabetes and colorectal cancer1


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