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Most people look at orthodontics as a way to improve their smile by creating more perfectly aligned teeth. Of course, straight teeth are a major goal of this process, but orthodontics in our Seattle practice go beyond straight teeth. Our holistic approach to orthodontics really focuses on jaw health and postural balance. Total structural health must be an integral part of a comprehensive orthodontic protocol. Total wellness is what is reflected in a beautiful smile.

Our orthodontic treatments encompass:

  • An enhanced cosmetic appearance
  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) health
  • Cranial balancing
  • Widening the palate – early intervention is best!
  • Advancing the lower jaw – early intervention is best!
  • Improving bite relationships
  • Improving airway (nasal breathing)

Our primary focus is to emphasize jaw health and cranial health while also straightening teeth. To get the best long-term, full-body benefits, early intervention (around ages 7-10) allows for the greatest results. This applies to an “orthopedic” change, that of moving or “growing” the bones. Then, after all the primary teeth are lost, teeth straightening or orthodontics takes place. This distinction of “functional orthodontics” is foundational for Dr. Marder.

When considering the entire body as one, muscles and bones (including our teeth) work together in harmony to determine our overall health. Using oral appliances and braces, the teeth and jaw can be aligned to their true, healthy position; improving body posture, oxygen/air flow, and cranial balance with the cranial bones. The result is a healthier musculo-skeletal system that allows for a more stable alignment throughout the entire body—not just a stable alignment for the teeth.

Dr. Marder has spent many years researching and training in the areas of natural orthodontic dentistry, holistic TMJ and pain treatment, cranio-sacral health, and biological care in order to provide you with a more natural experience in Seattle orthodontics. Request your appointment by calling Integrative Dentistry today!

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