Facial Esthetics

Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) is a fully autologous 100% natural blood concentrate obtained via low-speed centrifugation that accelerates healing and enhances tissue regeneration. PRF is part of a new holistic facial esthetics protocol utilizing your own natural healing capacity to stimulate collagen regeneration with the ultimate goal of smoothing fine lines and wrinkles for more beautiful skin.

On the day of your facial, pure blood drawn from your arm is lightly centrifuged and then placed into your fine lines with microneedling to promote the regeneration of collagen for a natural smoothing and lifting without any foreign body reaction.

In a word, we use your own blood to smooth aging skin. And the results are phenomenal.

The main advantage of platelet concentrates is that they offer a safe, easy-to-obtain, and completely immune-biocompatible method for the healing or regeneration of aging skin [...] it has become possible to utilize a liquid injectable PRF [...] This formulation has been studied and utilized extensively in various field of medicine and has become increasingly popular in facial esthetics.1


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