Eating sugar drastically lowers your IQ

Researchers discovered that your brain has high plasticity. This property can be controlled through diet and lifestyle choices. Sadly, many people have been brainwashed by sugar and the processed food industries into believing that it is entirely reasonable for sugar to be in a healthy diet. If you eat a fruit or an ice cream, you will be in no danger, but most people are overindulging. The average American consumes between 100 and 150 grams of sugar every day. Another statistic suggests that around 50% of Americans consume as much as 225g per day.

Too much sugar is bad for your brain

Typer 2 diabetes, obesity and heart disease are known to be caused by a poor diet, full of extra sugars. But any link to brain problems? Most Americans don’t know and are not aware of the dangers sugar present to the brain. Studies have shown that a high-sugar diet leads to changes in gut bacteria. As a result, a loss of cognitive flexibility is present, which is a unit of measurement of your brain’s  ability to adapt to fast changing situations. A significant loss of short-term and long-term memory is also noted. In just four weeks of consuming high amounts of sugar, you will perform poorly in mental and physical activities in comparison to when you ate a healthy diet.

Sugar makes you stupid

The link between a defined brain function and sugar is known for some while. In 2012, a test was done to investigate the effects of high-fructose syrup, a type of sugar similar to high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS). This is a cheap sweetener that is six times sweeter than cane sugar, and it is used in most soft drinks, processed foods, baby foods, and condiments. In addition, consuming large amounts of fructose will block the insulin’s ability to regulate the way your brain cells store and use sugar in energy needed situations.

Sugar is linked to memory loss and brain damage

For 7 mmol/mol increase in HbA1c (blood glucose measure), you will recall two fewer words as a result of memory loss. In addition, with a high concentration in your blood you will also lower the volume of the hippocampus, a region of the brain linked to memory. This doesn’t come as a surprise since your gut also communicates with your brain, through what is known as the “gut-brain axis.”

Take care of your mind and body by lowering the sugar levels you consume. A daily recommended dose of sugar is 13g (5 tablespoons). Anything above that is dangerous for your body and brain.

Mens sana in corpore sano.

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