Dental Implants: What Your Seattle Holistic Dentist Recommends

Metal vs. Non-Metal Implants:

If you have lost a tooth because of periodontal disease, injury or some other reason, your holistic dentist in Seattle will likely recommend a dental implant. A dental implant is essentially an artificial root that will hold a fake tooth – or bridge – in place to give you a natural-looking, radiant smile. Most dental implants are typically made of dental-grade titanium, however there are also other, non-metal options available. Below are some of the considerations for both.

What should I know about titanium dental implants?implants
A titanium dental implant is similar in size and shape to a small screw, which is then inserted into your jaw. As the dental implant heals, your gums and bones will begin to fuse with the implant. Titanium implants were approved by the United States FDA in the 1980s, however since then, multiple concerns have arisen about having metal in your mouth on an ongoing basis. It’s estimated that 4% of Americans have titanium sensitivity, potentially leading to allergic reactions or other biochemical disruptions in the human body.

How do I know if I have a sensitivity to titanium?
Galvanic toxicity is a condition that occurs when two metals in your mouth interact in a negative way – for example, amalgam from an old filling with the titanium in a metal dental implant. This can overstimulate your brain and lead to other side effects such as a metallic taste in your mouth, insomnia, or feeling an electric charge when touching metal to your mouth (like with a metal utensil). You may also feel itchiness or inflammation around your implant site, which can potentially result in the need to replace an implant. 2

What are non-mental dental implants made from?

Zirconium is one of the strongest, naturally occurring materials available. If you are looking for an alternative to titanium dental implants, then you’ll want to look into Z-Systems’ Zirconia dental implants offered by your Seattle holistic dentist. They provide the same amount of longevity and strength, but without any toxic side effects on your body. With a 98% survival rate, they are also certified by the FDA. 

4What are the benefits of zirconia dental implants?
The most important aspect of zirconia dental implants are the holistic dentistry benefits. You’ll be keeping a potentially harmful and incompatible substance out of your mouth in favor of one that interacts well with both your gums and bones. Zirconium also prevents plaque buildup far more effectively than titanium implants, helping to reduce your risk of gum disease and the need for further periodontal work. Zirconia also offers some cosmetic dentistry benefits. Titanium implants can cause a dark line around the gum, whereas zirconia implants have a more natural tone that blends in seamlessly with your gums.

If you’re getting a dental implant in Seattle, contact your holistic dentistry practice today to learn more about zirconia implants and their benefits for your overall health

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