Seattle Dentists Extractions

While it’s always our goal to preserve the health of your teeth for a lifetime, there are situations where extraction may be the best solution to prevent additional tooth and bone loss as well as to minimize general health issues that may be coming from an infected tooth. Seattle dentists, such as Dr. Marder may recommend extracting a tooth if it is determined to be unhealthy for your system.

When extractions are performed in our office, Dr. Marder continues to emphasize a whole body focus. This means your tooth will be removed using safe, gentle techniques, and that no periodontal ligament or diseased tissue will be left behind.

What keeps a tooth in place is a membrane called the periodontal ligament. The main fibers of the ligament surround the tooth and attach it to the bone. Careful and precise skill is involved in extracting a tooth, ensuring the fibers are easily dislodged which thus allows tooth removal without the potential for complications.

IV support may be used to help boost your immune system and promote healthy healing. Also, Dr. Marder implements ozone therapy and herbal remedies to aid in the prevention of cavitation when performing any extraction.

Ideally, an extraction results in the healthy formation of solid bone in the socket left behind by the missing tooth. Sometimes, the socket fails to heal with healthy bone and becomes filled with a spongy, inflammatory substance which may then become infected and inflamed. “Cavitation” refers to the hole in the bone where the bone fails to heal well.

Diagnosis can be difficult, but Dr. Marder is among few Seattle dentists who have the knowledge and technologies needed to determine whether the symptoms you are experiencing are indeed a result of cavitation. Your medical history and instruments such as our 3D-Cone Beam technology may be used to help diagnose cavitation.

Treating cavitation may involve several steps. Sometimes, ozone injections into the area can be helpful. If not, a surgical procedure involves removing the infected bone particles from the site. Upon removal, homeopathic remedies and ozone gas injections will be used to cleanse the cavitated area. This may be followed up with a low-level laser treatment to induce quicker healing. These techniques kill off pathogens and in treating the area, promote strong new bone and future health and wellness of the site. Sometimes, a bone replacement in the area will also help fill in the area to provide for future restorative considerations.

We desire to harness your body’s natural healing abilities during any extraction to prevent cavitation to begin with. However, should cavitation become an issue, you can feel confident knowing there’s a holistic dentist in the area who can effectively treat your cavitation utilizing natural and homeopathic methods. For more information about this treatment, or any other holistic and bio-friendly services provided at Integrative Dentistry, please contact our practice today.

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