Services Introduction

Seattle Cosmetic Dentist Services

At Integrative Dentistry, whole body dentistry is our specialty! We take a natural approach to delivering optimal oral health care. We are committed to pinpointing the root cause of your dental health challenges because we understand that simply treating your symptoms is a less effective and generally short-lived solution. Seattle dentist, Dr. Marder and our team, believe that we must combine conventional wisdom and experience with alternative strategies to create a holistic result that honors your total health in body, spirit, and smile.

We will treat your teeth, gums, jaws, and cranial structures, while at the same time considering the outcome of all treatments and how they affect your entire body. We opt to work only with healthy materials, environmentally-friendly equipment, and encourage healing through the support of natural philosophies and practices.

Our holistic services include:

Patients in the Seattle area choose Dr. Marder and Integrative Dentistry because our philosophies align with their personal values. If you desire natural dentistry in a calming, bio-friendly environment where you can be heard and where you will learn about your health and health care choices, we invite you to schedule your consultation with Integrative Dentistry today.

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