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I have restored my health after several years of suffering from nonspecific symptoms by consulting with Dr Marder. He recommended mercury amalgam removals, and removed two on my first visit. It made a big difference on my energy levels and my constant daily headache is gone. I have a few more fillings to go. I am from 6 hour driving distance from Seattle, and do not want to see any other provider. Dr Marder uses muscle or energy testing to diagnose and also to find the biologically compatible material to be used. 3-29-15

I had a great deal of mercury removed, crowns fitted and made on the spot and two cavities filled… all pain free. Such procedures are not exactly pleasant, but the staff went out of their way to make me comfortable. I really can’t recommend this clinic highly enough. 3-25-15

Thank you so much for taking the time to address all my concerns and answer my questions. I appreciate your thoroughness is providing a treatment plan and providing the expected costs. I also am very grateful for the discount for prepayment. It is a relief to find a clinic where the problems created with root canals and gingivitus are treated carefully and in ways backed by solid science, and where good health practices are given precedence over having a perfect pretty white smile. I have already recommended you to someone and will be recommending you to others in the near future. 2-4-15

Jesse did a good job of describing what she was seeing on the microscope and viewable on the monitor. Kelley did a good job of explaining the billing and the pre-determination. While I was waiting for Dr. Marder in the little room, I discovered the book about Jerry Garcia and his art. I was so surprised, I didn’t know he was an artist and that it was such an important part of his life. I took a picture of the book and sent it to my son, also a musician and artist. This book gave me much needed arguments for my son to pursue his art as well as his music. What a find! That was the highlight of my dental visit today–which just goes to show you that a good dental office can enlighten you about many things, especially things to incentivize your children! THANK YOU! The “whole person” comes to the office, not just my teeth! (-: 1-20-2015

Twice in the last 3 years I had urgent dental emergencies. The first time was a broken tooth, and my regular dentist was on vacation. I went to my wife’s dentist, Dr Mitch Marder, who graciously worked me into his schedule and fixed the problem. I then switched to using Dr Marder on a regular basis. The second time was a persistent toothache, which got worse. The Dr again worked me into his schedule and was able to extract the bad tooth. Dr Marder and Integrative Dentistry provide a high quality service. I’m happy to go there, and would recommend to others. 1-9-15

I am very grateful to have access to the dental care Dr. Marder and his staff provide. In the past nine years they have safely removed mercury amalgams from multiple fillings and replaced gold and crumbling off-color crowns with natural looking well fitted crowns. Because these crowns are built in the office, I have been able to complete this procedure in one office visit saving me multiple trips and absences from work. I have also been encourage to develop a sustainable and natural routine of personal oral hygiene that has eliminated recurring periodontal problems. I trust this team to provide flawless care for one of my most valuable assets, my dental health. 12-1-14

Everyone and everything was amazing. Beautiful setting, kind people and very, very thorough and cutting edge care. thank you! 10-16-14

Love the reggae in the waiting room. So glad the staff know about alternative dental things like oil pulling and remineralization powder. I love the parasite check too, and the recommendations for swishing with hydrogen peroxide was brilliant. Overall I just really like Dr. Marder’s practice. 10-2-14

Jesse is a gentle but thorough hygienist who is a good addition to your already terrific staff. Chris was helpful and Dr. M was his usual cheery and pleasantly smart-allecky joking self. I actually like that. 6-23-14

We know there are plenty of dentists in Seattle a person could choose from. But not all dentists are the same. If you are looking for a dentist as unique as you are, Dr. Marder will help you make better oral care decisions to benefit your entire health and well-being in addition to benefiting your smile.

At Integrative Dentistry, we’re truly thankful we’ve had the opportunity to treat so many informed, health-minded patients in the surrounding Seattle area. Thank you for entrusting us to care for you and your smile. We invite you to read what our satisfied patients are saying, below.

“The entire staff was wonderful as always. I couldn’t imagine a better place/experience. I’m sure you all understand how very special your office/team/ways are. I imagine most of your clients have been to other dentists and tell you what a night/day situation it is.”

“Best dental care I have ever had. I’ve never had follow-up calls or emails from my other dentists but do here. I am very impressed with Dr. Marder’s service, as well as his approach to dentistry. I highly recommend him and his team.”

“My experience was as good as it gets!”

“The appointment this morning was great. All staff were helpful, professional, and friendly. “Thanks!” to you and the crew!”

“Despite the fact that I had to visit a dentist to do a procedure that is difficult at best (extraction of a old, brittle, abscessed tooth), Dr Marder & his staff did an OUTSTANDING JOB from beginning to end. I wouldn’t EVER hesitate to give a glowing recommendation to anyone interested in receiving top quality care.”

“I felt that Dr. Marder was very knowledgeable and explained options available to me in regard to my oral and overall health. Thank you again.”

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