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Dentists in Seattle Reviews

“As a healthcare professional, I think the case for biological dentist is solid. I had confidence that I had picked a top notch dentist. However, I left completely amazed at how easily the work was accomplished. 5 stars!” -Ina


“Anyone close to the Seattle area would do well to go the distance to see this expert at his craft. Our whole family goes to Integrative Dentistry and we live in Port Orchard.” -Laurie


“Loved my experience with Dr. Marder and friends. Sue was so comforting before and during my procedure. I’m really grateful for their kindness and empathy for those who don’t always love dentist visits!” -Bethany


“Extremely capable, knowledgeable dental assistants. Dr. Marder is a gentle, discerning, and extremely knowledgeable human being who really listens to both his patients and the input from his assistants. His understanding of alternative/complimentary approaches to health is very great, and he will spend the time with patients to help them create a treatment plan that works for them.” -Hafizullah


“Been coming to this practice for probably 5 years by now. Have always been treated courteously and received very professional service. This last time was no different. Dr. Marder was fast an efficient, and made my procedure simpler than originally planned.” -Anton


“I am so pleased that I have found such an amazing dental support with Dr. Mitch Marder and Dr. Paul Rubin with Integrative Dentistry,  They quickly and thoroughly discovered the serious dental reasons that were impacting my overall systemic health, and provided the most optimum ways to heal from the massive infections, cavitations, and problems I faced from root canals.  Dr. Marder listened to me so well and after great research, I found he was the best resource I could find for my cure. I am healing nicely and in just 4 weeks, I feel better than I have in a long while. They shared that in 6 months I will feel amazing!  Everyone I met in the office was also exceptionally as nice and the doctors and I will continue my care with them without hesitation.  Here’s to healing from traditional dentistry with a holistic and individualized approach.  I only wish I had found them when I was young!  Don’t go anywhere else!” -Patricia


“Great experience, all very friendly and knowledgeable. I love their approach to holistic dentistry. They also don’t do unnecessary treatments. For example, I was told by different dentist that my child needs 3 filling, but in this clinic, they said he only needs one.” -Olga


“Excellent work, excellent professionals. My tooth was pulled and replaced by an implant. No problems.  I give Dr Mitch Marder kudos.  Also they do not oversell their services.” –Pamela


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