The Difference Between Holistic and Traditional Dentistry

Natural Dentist Seattle Dr. Mitch Marder is not your traditional dentist. He’s a natural or holistic dentist, who performs dentistry that is good for your entire body as well as your oral care. When you receive dental care at our practice, we take a natural or biological approach to dentistry. In other words, we use techniques and natural elements that won’t negatively affect your body in the long run. At Integrative Dentistry, Dr. Marder takes you to a different kind of dentistry such as:

Mercury-free fillings and removal: Do you have an amalgam filling? There have been countless studies relating the direct effect mercury has on your body. In amalgam fillings, mercury vapor escapes and is inhaled into your bloodstream and lungs. The result could suppress your immune system and increase your chances of systemic diseases. As a respected natural dentist in Seattle, Dr. ozone therapy, ozone gas, laser cleaning, and herbal therapies. Our natural approach is completely safe and more effective than traditional root canal therapies.

Despite your restorative treatment, you can ensure Dr. Marder will take a holistic approach to your treatment making sure your oral and overall health excels. The next time you visit Integrative Dentistry, ask us how our naturalistic approach can help your overall health.

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